Style and Care Purse Guide

Fashion and style starts with clothing accessories and the best of all accessories is the Purse (also referred to as a handbag, bag, tote, messenger, hobo or clutch). But in addition to looking better, each woman needs her purse to be an enhancing addition to the outfit. Here are some fundamental facts about purses that will help guide you in discovering the correct one for your lifestyle and budget.

Realistically, when finding a great accessory there are some fundamental elements you should be aware of, but just understand that most of these elements are tied to private preference; one is not inevitably better than the other.

Types of Purses

Red Purse
Three primary types of purses: totes, clutches and hobos.

Totes are large purses that transport everything in your hearts desire. Most have a lot of space for books, a laptop computer, telephone, bathing suit and small knick knacks. Totes normally have long straps so you can put them on your shoulder. They make great travel bags. A clutch bag is tiny enough to have in your hand and has just enough space to hold your important daily essentials – it can also be classified as a coin purse, depending on its size. Some clutches are designed with straps, but most have pockets arranged for effectively holding your cell phone, credit cards and change.

Hobo handbag purses are also called conventional purses. They have room for most of your goods plus a few extras.

Common Purse Materials

Blue Leather Purse
The two principal materials used in making purses are leather and cloth. What you want depends on your preference of style. Leather Purses more durable, but may need more care to keep the leather fresh and depending on the ‘leather skin’ it may be more costly. Genuine leather will preserve its thickness, grain and texture of the original hides. Genuine leather handbags are breathable materials and more durable than fabric purses. Top grain leather part of the top layer, which seems just as good as full grain leather, but sometimes is painted. Suede is a lower quality of leather, mainly because it is treated more than the top layer of the hide “which is termed genuine leather’ – but many people like suede over the top grain. No matter if it is ‘genuine leather’, top grain or suede are still nice stylish bags and it is a matter of ‘taste’ when choosing your style.


Uses and Features of Your Purse

Purse Shopping
When it comes to a purses function, it depends on how you intend to use it. Now days most purses have a cell phone pouch, although you may not find that feature in a clutch style. If you don not have a wallet, consider choosing a handbag that has dividers and slots for your checkbook, credit cards and other essentials like a calculator, pen or paper. Another feature to consider is the length of the straps and handles. There are adjustable and detachable straps or handles. Some have both, consider how you want to wear it and how it may limit your movement.


What is in a Designer Purse
If you want style and the latest trends, then you might want to consider the brand or designer name of purse. Although you will pay more for some brands than others, but depending on the style, you may have a longer lasting impression. Designer purses are considered to be made by world renowned style designers. They are not just trendsetting styles, but most are handmade from quality materials. Because of their popularity, there are many knockoff handbags made. To tell if it is authentic, ensure it comes with a record of authenticity. Purses from Dooney Bourke and Coach come with serial numbers. When purchased from their respective stores, they will come with a dust bag and optional gift bags.


Purse Care
Ensuring your designer purse lasts a long time depends a lot on your care and maintenance. You can clean most purses with a wet wash cloth. If your cleaning a leather bag, use leather cleaner. If you are unsure on how to clean your purse, some manufacturers have recommended cleaning solutions and products. They also will guarantee that it will not tarnish or fade when using their cleaners. If you decide to take your purse to the cleaners, make sure they will guarantee that it will not get damaged or discolored. If it is under a warranty and it is cleaned at a dry cleaner, the designer or manufacturer may not replace the product.

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