Selecting the Perfect Purse?

With so many brands, colors, styles and choices to choose from; selecting the perfect purse can be a daunting task.  Especially with the thousands of purses that the Designer Purse Outlets has in stock and ready to ship, but which one is for you?  There are a few factors that need to be considered when selecting a purse.

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What is it for?  Evening purse, traveling, daily use or for casual wear.

What color?  Common colors go with most outfits, such as Black and Brown.

These are the two questions you should ask yourself when looking for that perfect purse.  If you know what the purse is for, then you can decide and narrow the type of purse you need based on how much you want to spend.  Then it is just a matter of finding the right color and style that goes with your outfit.  They are must have clothing accessories, similar to shoes; because they are worn with almost every outfit.

coco chanel evening purseWhat is an evening purse?  Evening purses are great for a night on the town, weddings and formal events.  Classified as clutches or wallets: they come in almost any style or color.  You can be totally girly girl or elegant.  Most are compact and durable because of their compact size.  Usually they will only carry your identification cards, credit cards, cash and your keys.


What is a travelling or travel purse?  A Travel purse is small enough to be classified as a purse, but yet large enough to carry your luggage.  The Vera Bradley Backsack is a perfect example of this type.  Classy designers that can double as a tote, diaper bag or backpack.  Ideally you would only use this for weekend getaways and overnighters.vera bradley backsak for travel

Casual purses are typically worn with most outfits on a daily basis an everyday purse.  Wear them to work, play, shopping or when socializing with friends and family.  Choose something practical and useful because you do not want an overbearing size or something too small that it will not carry all your essentials.  Canvas and leather materials have the durability to last a long time, so that if you do decide to spend extra money on a nice designer purse, it should last you a long time.  Straw or beaded purses will not make a good everyday purse, but make a better evening purse or something that you can wear occasionally, but not everyday, because they are not made from durable materials.  You certainly want to get your monies worth if your going to pay a hundred dollars for an everyday purse.  Most name brand purses are made of quality materials that will last for years and will have a better resale value; if you decide to resell your purse when you do not want it anymore.

Determining what the purse is for is probably the easiest decision to make, because you would not be searching for a purse unless you needed one.  But, how do you know what color to choose.  It is always safe to find a purse that is the same color as your shoes or outfit.  If you wear a lot of browns, then buy a brown leather or colored purse.  If you wear a lot of black or grey outfits, buy a black purse.  Blacks and browns are neutral colors and go with most colors, so they should match your outfit.

The seasons can help determine the colors we wear.  Brighter colors, floral prints and whites are popular in the spring and summer months.  Darker colors are popular for the fall and winter months.  Color can help determine what style of purse to wear.  Here are some examples: Vera Bradley Tote for the spring because of the bright colorful print, a black Coco Chanel for an evening purse or formal occasion or a brown Coach Leather purse for everyday use.

Color, Purpose and Style are dynamically related and can help in deciding on the right purse that is perfect for you.


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