Purse Personality Test

What does your purse say about your personality?

Watch this funny video on the purse personality test from Comic Anita Renfroe. Is your purse too heavy that you need a chiropractor? Are you a tiny toter?
Besides the type of purse (bag, tote, hobo, clutch) the contents of purse can definitely tell a lot about your personality are you organized and prepared for the unforeseen, or are you disorganized and procrastinate?
Below is a description of some bags and their contents:
Straw bag that stands by itself
This bag is very structured with lots of compartments. It is easy to peer inside. The purse contains:
Compartmentalized makeup case
Photo album
Peppermint gum
Photo iPod
Toilet-seat covers
Wet Ones
Face blotter
Pat & go lipstick OR Gloss on a key ring
Pill case
The straw bag owner is organized and detail-oriented, with a place and purpose for everything. This over-organized person has probably updated to the technology age, which helps cut down on the clutter and allows your bag to be more streamlined. Consider it a timesaver - you never need to spend a night digging through a months worth of bills and candy wrappers to make sure that your bag has only what you need.
The hobo bag has no structure; it falls flat when placed on the ground or a table. It is a bottomless pit because it has no pockets, and everything is swimming inside. The purse contains:
Overstuffed Filofax
Papers and bills (more than a months worth of receipts)
Overstuffed wallet
Gum wrappers
Fruit gum
Makeup scattered all over -- lipsticks, compacts
Post-it notes
Nail file
Palm Pilot
Cell phone
iPod with loose earphones
Loose photos
Rabbit foot
Lottery tickets
Train schedule
Toothpaste and toothbrush
An oversize, pocket less hobo bag can easily turn into a bottomless pit with an unsuspecting owner not even knowing what lurks in its depths. To an outsider, this bag is a disaster area. To the owner, it is probably organized chaos. The person who carries this bag perhaps has a hippie-vagabond self-image. She may think shes rebelling against conformity. But is carrying the in bag of the moment perhaps trying too hard?
Anybody who chews a fruit gum is a great friend and eager to please.
Lucky charms and a profusion of lottery tickets indicate a feeling that luck needs a helping hand. Men hardly ever have these things because many of them believe that they make their own.
She is a woman who wants to do it all. She is working on a system of organization but has not quite mastered it. But you can not judge a book by its cover. Disorganization can be a sign of creativity. I would never recommend redoing some ones purse -- its far too personal -- but a few binder clips, rubber bands and Ziploc bags could open up a whole new world to someone whose handbag is in such a state.
Clutch bag:
This bag is not too small of a clutch but small enough to fit inside another bag for an easy day to night transition. This bag contains:
Small credit card case with key fob
Lip stain-gloss all in one
Business card case with cards
Cell phone
Breath mints
The clutch bag is for the party pro. She knows how to consolidate and be minimal, and she is always on the run. This is definitely not the bag of a girl with a 9-to-5 job. Her needs are pared down, and she does not feel compelled to carry around a lot of useless junk. The less stuff in the bag, the more confident the girl.
The Grab and Go bag:
This bag has everything a woman needs to go anywhere in the world at a moments notice. It contains:
Cinnamon gum
Usually a Ziploc bag of lunch
Mini pharmacy
The mouth to mouth condom (CPR device)
Those who have very large bags filled with things like magazines, sweets, headache tablets and so on are catering for an enormous number of possible events during the day. They are thinking about whether they might get hungry, bored or ill. It indicates a more methodical personality.
Cinnamon gum is for the person who is interested in adventure, somebody who is outgoing and looking for new and novel activities.

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